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AR-IST LLC is certified partner of German companies SAUTER, KIEBACK&PETER and Honeywell.

We offer high quality construction solutions. These include bulding automation and control , energy solutions , security solutions , BMS etc.

As a partner of leading Honeywell company we'll help you to
  • Speed and streamline engineering and design
  • Choose best-value systems and solutions
  • Integrate new with existing technology
  • Maintain system lifecycle value

Building solutions include

We are actively partnering with SAUTER Co.

SAUTER solutions for building management of the future

Our solutions guarantee unrestricted horizontal and vertical integration. Because our systems are open, you are free in your choice of network communication. 

Our building management systems provide you with on-site decentralised intelligence and control options for room management at the highest level.

Also check out SAUTER catalogue here!

Our another partner is Germany leading company KIEBACK & PETER.

KIEBACK & PETER provides solutions like

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