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ZKTeco is a leading manufacturer of fingerprint biometric readers for access control and time and attendance applications. We are the first choice for OEMs, ODMs, distributors, integrators and dealers.


We have in-house facilities for research, development, design, production and sales – a 500,000 square foot plant with 1,500 employees in China and branch offices in USA, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Dubai, India, and Turkey. With our own enclosures and biometric optic manufacturing facility we can meet any custom design and manufacturing demand from OEMs and ODMs at a very low price.


ZKTeco is well known for having the industry’s fastest patented biometric matching algorithm, which is used by over 180 million people, on more than 5,000,000 access control and time and attendance readers, in more than 180 countries worldwide.


We are the leading supplier, producer and manufacturer of Biometric fingerprint readers. We achieve this because we have the fastest matching algorithm, the largest number of features, easy to customize, reliable and all at the lowest cost.


It’s no wonder that OEMs and all customers continue to choose our biometric readers over the competition.


Today we have over 80 percent market share in China and over 50 percent in rest of the Asian Pacific area and we’re becoming more popular every day throughout the world!

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