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Ensured with international culture for international markets, we are your ideal partner for innovative & good-quality appliances.

Strong R&D 
To keep you stand ahead of the constantly changing medical equipment market, we invest 12 percent of our annual profits in marketing survey and R&D. All designs are carefully made to fit the market trend based on our overseas marketing survey which not every company is able to do.

Big safety
Our factory has attained ISO9001 certificate.

All designs are studied to be fully in compliance with UL and CE standards, and the quality of our products is a result of the harmonious teamwork of engineers, multicultural salesmen and marketing managers.

Rapid Growth
With more precision marketing, we have witnessed a growth rate of 500% in the last two years. Our customer numbers and sales volume doubled every 6 months.

Thanks to customers' support, we are growing faster to meet the precise needs of the international market and fulfill the needs of importers in this field. 

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