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M-Tech Dynamic

M-Tech Dynamic

Accessories for two-way radios are indispensable when reselling telecommunications products. In order to establish the business, M-Tech Dynamic Corporation Limited was officially set up in 2007. The brand “M-Tech” is owned by the company and all the products are marked as this brand name. With this brand name, customers are more confident in ordering the variety of models. The product ranges include:

- Transceiver                          - Power Supply
- Duplexer                               - Tuner
- Battery Charger                   - Battery Pack
- Portable Antenna                - Antenna
- Earset Microphone             - Hand Microphone
- Car Adaptor                          - Mount Bracket

Nowadays, customers are looking for products of high quality and inexpensive prices. Being a manufacturer, it is not difficult for M-Tech to offer these kinds of products. Multiple products are available to suit different uses of the main units and more products are to be produced in order to cope with the changing models of telecommunications equipment. Some of the products have been CE approved indicating that they meet the international standards and are more reliable in quality.

The professional teams are not only experienced in the main units of telecommunications products, but also the accessories and peripherals. Apart from simply providing what customers look for, they have sufficient knowledge to let customers know which models should be applied in their cases.

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

In January 2013, our company was successfully awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate by SGS United Kingdom Ltd Systems & Services Certification. By complying with ISO standards, the operation is more effective and efficient and the quality of products is guaranteed thus enhancing customers' satisfaction with the services provided.

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