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Sony Security

Sony Security

Sony is taking the wraps off a comprehensive new approach to the Security industry. We've stepped up our game, integrating as never before with a wider range of value-added application providers. We've bolstered our alliances with cutting-edge software vendors to provide best-in-class solutions for Managed Video and Distance Learning, plus vertical markets like Restaurants, Transportation, Public Safety and Sports Stadiums. In fact, we're extending our outreach across the entire ecosystem of consultants and systems integrators.

Below are the latest value added application providers (VAAPs) working with Sony to jointly provide integrated security solutions. To view the complete list of our VAAP affiliates, click here.

Sony has teamed up with Envysion, a leading application service provider, to provide leading restaurant and retail chains with visual intelligence solutions beyond the realm of security. Sony's IP-based cameras with DEPA™ analytic capabilities, capture critical events and detect telltale patterns, which can be utilized for loss prevention, operations,marketing, store traffic planning, safety and liability, HR training and more. See how these inventive solutions can be successfully applied to your business enterprise.

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 GamePlan Technologies
Game Plan Technologies' unique and powerful SIFT Platform performs all of the asset management, editing, conversion and presentation tasks of multiple vendors in one integrated platform. Get the affordable solution, from capturing HD video assets using Sony IP cameras to organizing digital files into libraries for content management, search, distribution and conversion.
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Sony's IP cameras and encoders integrate with Genetec's IP video surveillance solution, Omnicast, to create a solution that goes beyond simple video recording. By leveraging its open, networked architecture, Omnicast offers the unique benefit of managing the security of thousands of remote cameras simultaneously from a single point or from multiple locations around the globe.

Sony and Milestone Systems proudly introduce Edge Storage, a safeguard feature that allows cameras to function as failover devices for uninterrupted audio and video recording in the event of network or server failure. Learn how this innovative technology stores audio and video recordings directly on Sony IP cameras and enables these recordings to be retrieved and viewed in Milestone video management software at any time.
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 Next Level Security Systems
Next Level Security Systems' Gateway solution combines video management, access control, video analytics, intrusion and more into a single easy-to-use networked platform that is both compact and affordable. This browser-based platform is accessible and controllable from anywhere through a Web-browser and includes advanced deployment tools such as auto discovery and provisioning.
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 VidSys Enterprise Solutions
VidSys' physical security information management (PSIM) software platform and Sony's best-of-breed products can put critical intelligence in the hands of decision-makers and security personnel to ensure the right actions are taken as events unfold. At this simulated command center, you will see first-hand some of today's leading technologies from Sony and VidSys all seamlessly integrated into a true command, control and communications (C3) center environment.
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