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Новости об автоматике для ворот, шлагбаумам и контроле доступа от CAME
The latest news
01.07.2013 NEW! Warning light KLED
CAME company starts selling the new signal lights. Signal lamp KLED combines traditional design and LED technology.

Качество автоматики для ворот, шлагбаумов , турникетов CAME

Quality of CAME

Automation for gates, barriers, parking and automatic access control is developed and produced in-house engineering and production facilities in Italy.

Quality control processes CAME been certified ISO 9001:2000. A high level of environmental management systems certified by ISO 14001.

Came Group - лидер рынка автоматики для ворот и шлагбаумов

CAME Group

Today CAME sells automation through a branch structure representations, consisting of 13 branches and more than 350 distributors operating worldwide.

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Contact us

If you are interested in cooperation with CAME, if you have questions about automation, you can contact us by phone or by email.

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