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Closed Joint Stock Company "Pozhtekhnika" - Vitebsk Belarus (JSC "Pozhtekhnika") was founded July 25, 1995 and passed a difficult way from a small trading and service company to one of the largest countries of the former Soviet Union, plants for the production of fire protection.

   Main products:
- Portable and mobile air-cored and foam fire extinguishers "MIG" (from 1 to 80 kg of dry chemical)

- Extinguisher, automatic fire extinguishing module "MIG" ceiling and wall mounting (from 2.5 to 12 liters)

- Modules for fire extinguishing systems, automatic extinguishing ceiling and wall mounting "MIG A" (2.5 to 12 liters)

- Fixed fire extinguishing module "MIG A" for automatic fire suppression systems (50 and 100 hp)

- Portable and mobile fire extinguishers, carbon-dioxide "RIME" (from 1 to 50 kg of carbon dioxide)

- Modules and carbon dioxide gas fire Chladone "RIME" (50 and 100 L)

- Fire cabinets, crane kits, drum sprinkler system "Prestige".

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