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Power Tech

Power Tech

PowerTech Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and has own R&D and Factory in Korea.
Sales was over USD28,000,000 in 2012 and we will be top 5 manufacturer in Korea in the near future.

All our CCTV cameras are made in own factory and, designed by R&D center and we select high quality
raw materials that the almost of raw material is made in Korea. It could be improved good quality and
a unique design compare with other companies.

In the early of 2010, we have developed own DSP chipset that name was "HERO" and it had a high resolution as
600 TVL and the high performance even the reasonable price compare with the competitors chipset.
We are also effort to develop more improved "HERO" for the future technology in our R&D and we make a lineup
with HERO III (650TVL, WDR, 3D DNR, SMART IR, SMART MOTION DETECTOR) in the early of 2012.

This is our technology point and we are one of the companies that have raw technology about CCTV cameras
with the manufacturing CCTV cameras.

One of our mottos is Easy Installation with products for end-users and installers.
We mean that our products are designed for customization at the first step and it will be the best point of
competitions and the good reputation from customers.

SINCE 2012, We have full lineup with Analogue cameras and Digital cameras with HD-SDI 2 Mega Pixels.
We will do the best to develop high-end technology and familiarity cameras for all customers continuously.

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